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Industry praise:


"Amazing performances."


"Just amazing."

"Superb technical quality."

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Mia Rivera’s film, "Lizzy’s Plan", which she wrote, produced, starred in and wrote all of the songs for, won Winner of the Season in the Short CineFest Film Festival, Best Short Film in the Aasha International Film Festival, Best Comedy in the Vegas Movie Awards, Best Comedy Film in the Short CineFest Film Festival, Best Comedy in the New Wave Short Film Festival, Best Comedy Film in the Platonic Film Competition, Best Writing, Best Humor and Best Original Idea in the Top Indie Film Awards and over 106+ awards so far, recognizing the actors, director, hair & make up, production design, best music, and even best original song.


From a very young age, Mia’s poetry began getting published in various journals and literary magazines.  She has a B.A. Degree in Rhetoric and A.A. with Honors in English from U.C. Berkeley.


She’s worked as a reporter, magazine editor and professional songwriter most of her adult life. A proud Army veteran, Mia was selected for the exclusive Writers Guild Foundation Veterans Writing Program, the prestigious AT&T Veterans Media Fellowship, USC Warrior Bards Program and is also an active member of the UCLA Wordcommandos Creative Writing Workshop. 

%22Lizzy's Plan%22 Official Poster copy.

"Crazy comedy, very funny and original."

"Very good execution and direction."

"A very enjoyable film to watch."


Mia Rivera

Lizzy and

Creator, Writer, Producer, Songwriter


Joshua Lang



BJ Lange


Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 15.46.02.png

Tony Nevada



George Cantero


Please note: the video is password protected. If you do not have the password and would like to see the film - please reach out to Mia on the contact page!

Behind the scenes photos of the making of "Lizzy's Plan"

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